Danielle Bourgault

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My holistic approach to wellness aims to be client-centered and trauma informed. You are always in charge of your treatments and consultations with me. Working together towards your goals, is a collaborative process. I provide the herbal knowledge and treatments to help you on your personal journey. You know your body best and are always the expert on what you need, I will provide you with the herbal tools to help you get there.

In a 1.5-2-hr initial consultation we will address your current concerns while reviewing your history, through questions around each body system. With Covid-19, in-person assessments are not currently available. Any blood work or other test results can be reviewed (Please send these to me along with my intake forms you will receive once you book). I will then give you recommendations which will be sent to you by e-mail. Some time may be needed to create and send out any herbal formulas and the details will be discussed during the intake.

Sliding scale for the initial intake is $80-120 and includes up to two hours where you can ask any questions as well. I usually recommend a follow-up between 4-6 weeks later to assess how things are going. Follow-ups are for 45 min-1-hr sessions and cost $40-80. If you have the capacity to pay at the higher end, please do. This allows me to operate the lower end for folks who need it. I offer lower prices to QTBIPOC in order to make Herbal Medicine more accessible in an effort to dismantle white supremacy in Western Herbalism.

I aim to make these consultations and treatments accessible to folks with trauma, disabilities and neurodivergence. If you have any accessibility needs, please let me know how I can accommodate you. At this time I can offer phone or video consultations and follow up e-mails with written details of the treatments. If needed I can video or audio record the session for you. Unfortunately I am unable to send transcripts at this time.

The cost of herbs is not included in my consultation fee however, I can work with you to find local options to save on shipping or work with what you have available.

My prices are as follows;

100mls formula (~1-2 weeks worth): $20-25
250mls formula (~1 months worth): $40-55

Dried herbs:
50g $8-12
100g $15-20

These can be shipped anywhere in Canada for $15. If these costs don't work for you, please e-mail me and we can discuss options